What happens when someone has a dream and can not perform, it is very frustrating and you are not happy with yourself or with others. This is how many people usually walk through life and seek to stand out from the rest, and seek to make their dreams come true.

This is how many designers are trying to make themselves known and make their dreams come to fruition and this benefits us as consumers, because there are also more designs to choose from.

And Many shoes designers told me that they are keen on their designs but they just can’t find a justice stage. Cos they told me that many companys are too comercial. They are not willing to produce only one single shoe, cos they think there is no benifit.

But in FSJ’s Designer Dream Plan is just a right place for all the designers to show and popularize their ideas/designs. Cos all of the shoes are hand made in they factory. FSJ are happy and willing to produce any designs without infringement.

So we benefit from this because if you enter you can see an endless number of unique and special designs that people with great talent and ability in design.

And this is for anyone who wants their designs to come to light as you and I want something special, it’s very simple just enter your website and check the section of designer dream plan, you register upload your designs and You start with your business, making a dream come true. This is incredible !!

What you hope to become a designer!


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