Let’s talk about shoes, my favorite subject, I’ve always had an obsession with them.
So talking and recommending my favorite subject makes me very happy. I can spend hours looking at pages of shoes and I always try to be the order of the day with this theme. So now I tell you to go to the FSJ page and I gave enamore of this web, as they have a wide range of trend shoes for each situation.

I can tell you that before I could not stop wearing heels, since I am of short stature and I love how they make my figure look more stylized as well as higher of course, however this situation has changed a little now I am most of all can I say I wear heels, flats, and sneakers. I can not miss in my day-to-day looks, besides my activities as a mom and as a freelance makes this type of footwear more consistent with it. And of course FSJ have a wide range of this variety.

I love how Lepoard print heels look with a mom jean a simple white shirt and shoes do the rest, besides this print I think it will always be a classic a must and having a good pair of sneakers is basic in any closet of a girl fashionist.
I will be honest I am not very fan of vintage heels however when you enter to look at this section you will be surprised with the variety of these shoes and the special and economic price. In addition my thinking is changing since I saw them, I think I have more than two pairs in my wishlist. 



In the section of stilettos heels I could not be more delighted with what they have, it is like the disneyland of any woman. Actually my wishlist is huge in this section, because as I said I used to use more than nothing heels but I still have my pampered pairs well kept and waiting for the occasion to use them. So I will definitely make a few pairs of stilettos since they have everything from the basics to your wardrobe background to the most trendy and seasonal. They have very special pairs for any taste and however demanding this one is. The best is its quality with its excellent price for such beautiful designs.


Nude, black, white are the ones that are in my mind for me those colors are basic and create a great variety of looks, however when looking well I fall in love with the red, turquoise, gold, with strips without strips of all, I would like In my closet already.

If you are the type of girl who wants to see much higher do not hesitate to enter and look at the shoes with great platform since as many of us know are very comfortable and make you grow a few inches more. As I say myself I am tall fake. And I think I speak for all shoes are not just a purchase are an investment and make you feel happier the brand new a pair of shoes do not you think?


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