Super tendency to have your home very fashion, I’ve always been struck by the decoration of the home, I would have loved to study about it, well it’s never too late.

And I must confess that I have always had a crush for bathroom decoration, whenever I arrive at a new place to a house that I do not know I borrow the bathroom just to look at how they have decorated, I think the bathroom talks a lot about people and how they do something nice in that small and private place.

Well now that I confessed my little crush, I think not many will lend me the bathroom again (lol). The fact is that I have that obsession and that is why small details can make a big difference. Every time I look at a new decoration page I immediately go to the bathrooms section and place my orders to renew my space.

This time I found a web specialists in what the bathroom requires and  and of course I was in love. Now my obsession is based on soap dispensers, there are so many and so beautiful that I hardly decide for one and I end up making a minimum of a couple, especially in white, pink, rose gold and if there are any with details in marble is what more and I do not doubt even one second in buying them. They will say that I am an exaggerated but my dish soap is in a nice dispensary of liquid soap.

Looking cautiously, I discovered some for my little one, who is now in the stage of learning personal hygiene. It became basic for me to have one to motivate him more to wash his hands.

And they know something if you own a business they also have dispensers for big places not only for the home and in very modern and functional designs to give a nice touch to your place, look at the options and I assure you that you will be a fan like me

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