Been thinking about how to get cheap hair bundles? Or you think about that while you are worrying the hair quality may be so bad or not good?? Don’t have to get these easy-solved problems into your mind because we Maxglam have absolutely capable ideas to make you beautiful. So cheap hair bundles are found and which texture you should have? Confusion gets into you again. Don’t worry that as well, what if there are various hairstyles for you? Maxglam has been providing good premium hair with the versatile textures of straight weave which is is the most simple hair texture; it’s classic and usually looks great on everyone. It’s very easy to style, maintain, and take care of. Then also there are loose waveslong curly weave、body wave. Deep wave that is a great texture that looks really luxurious and boosts your hair. Besides, we have kinky series hair like kinky curly and kinky straigh hairstyles. Kinky curly hair is a type of curly hair that also has a torsion twist and the hair basically turns around itself and also has a zig-zag pattern. Despite looking very strong, kinky curly hair is actually pretty fragile and often dry and requires a lot of maintenance and special care. But it looks so cool and stylish and it’s no wonder why so many people who don’t have naturally kinky curly hair want it. The main problem with getting those tight curls is that you need a lot of hair because it can reduce your hair length by more than a half! There are always extensions you can use even if your hair is naturally kinky curly; it can give it that boost and a healthier look. There are lots of texture and actually thing is that how you care of your natural hair? 

So here I am going to show you how I care your natural with best way. Welcome back to my channel and I know all of you guys want to know how to maintain and do care for you natural hair, so keep watching. Let’s get started! When you have kinky curly hair which is easy to get dried so you need to hydrate your hair with moisturized hair mask or conditioners. Secondly, pay attention to your scalp that you should keep them moisturized and I suggest you that section your hair and make sure the hair was clear so as to smear the moisturizer easier. The other thing is your haircuts. Most of people want to keep their natural hair and think that the natural never hurt the hair root. I suggest that you should cut your hair every month so that the hair would be more healthy and grow fast. Then I want to say is to co-washing your hair with shampoo. Then protection style and if you have braids or twists you have to be carful with your edges. If you want to care your hair just follow the tips I give above. So thank you all and hope you love it.

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