It is very strange to do this type of posts where I show someone from my family, and do not misunderstand me is not bad wave is simply in the case of my son because the safety of the social networks, you know many people Very bad.

In second my family is the most sacred and often ask me not photos. But today is special because it is a very important pillar in my life. I am 12 years older, and I took it in many ways, life today puts us test a seperate us after all this time together. She more than my little sister is my confidant and I run to the platicarle what happens to me, it just me, is my inner voice and part of my consciousness. It goes away from me but will remain forever with me.


Only a few kilometers separate us and that even so be united.


He has a goal in life and I pray that everything goes well my little great warrior.


This is for you, and for you thanks for reading and be present with your comments. LL

Skirt / Zara; Shirt/ Bershka (old); Sandals / Bershka

Sister: Dress / Bazaar

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