Laloula pink accents

Well these boots created an obsession


Really I always try to take care of the economy of the hearth, and being fashion blogger they were thinking that it is difficult but not, since in my case as I it have always said dealing of adapting my wardrobe to the tendencies and if some this pledge out of my scope then I come to some bazaar and generally I am lucky

Nevertheless concerning shoes there if I am a good disaster in my defense I always look for the reductions to do my buys and it is as well as I manage not to affect so much my pocket, also whenever I buy any fodder all the times I am going to use them and if really they adapt themselves to my wardrobe, but it is like that I them discard for more painful that that is. And that happened with these pretty boots I saw them one and thousand times and until I was sure did my order. And I can say that I do not repent


Top canalé / Vintage

Jeans / Stolen from my mom

Shades / Shasa

Shoes / Zara

Denim Coat / Vintage from my mom closet

By the way my second obsession is to save old clothes and give them a new touch like this beautiful denim jacket that was my mother’s

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