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Time to be ready for summer vacation, it’s almost time and the suitcase should be ready.

My summer basics are composed by:

Sun Block
Straw hat
Comfortable sandals for walking on the beach or the pool
Cute sandals
Fresh and seasonal clothing
Straw bag
And of course a beach cover up

For me, I do not have the body of dreams of any Victoria girl, it is very important to have a beach cover because I can hide those little rolls, in case I get over food and my stomach is not flat.

Also in my case I really like those of Zaful because I use some kind of dress, under my swimsuit some cute and cool sandals and I am ready to go to a bar or restaurant after leaving the beach.

zaful white beach cover up

Lately the beach fashion is very practical and if you are not on the beach you can put together looks with those clothes, to say in my city the heat reaches very high temperatures and with some type of zaful white beach cover up I go out to the street for things to do.

Tiny Floral High Low Dress - Red S
I can use a swimsuit as a body suit with either a skirt or shorts and it looks perfect.
I have been looking at your page and found some perfect swimsuits to use in this way.

Look zaful blac k swimsuit




Since my mom gave me her old one-piece swimsuit I have not stopped using it either as a top or swimsuit, I like it a lot because it is a vintage piece with a nice story because I have pictures where my mother I used it and using it in these times has been great.
So, since I’ve been very satisfied with those looks, I’m looking for a new option to use it for this type, I found these cute costume suits.

But I also like to wear a two-piece swimsuit and I found these nice options.

Like those swimsuit fo r big bust zaful



There are so many beautiful options that I have also imagined some other look with a cute underwire swimwear and wear the top with some high waist pants or skirt so that my piece looks different.


These are my chosen pieces but honestly it is a tough situation since I like many more options, the good thing that zaful helps me with his great promotions

Si te gusto, compartelo !

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