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Definitely the bikini season is getting closer and I have been very busy in the gym and with my diet.

Once I read – Summer bodies, they are built in winter – and it is very true! Since the most common mistake that many people make (I did it in the past), is to exercise a few weeks before the holidays. I started looking for inspiration for that season, looking for pinteres, instagram and where I could to see the new trends in terms of swimwear, accessories and find the ideal place to get away from the routine and go out a few days to enjoy the sun and some coctail on the edge of the pool.


But when the date got closer I realized that I had not built my body for it! And there I go to the beach with a big tunic because I did not feel comfortable with my body.

This year I decided to be different and not fall in the same of all years, so despite the intense cold and how delicious it looked my bed I got up and went to the gym, I have eaten healthily and I have removed some cravings from my diet , etc. And the results are seen.

Now only the main and most important thing is to get the trend in terms of swimsuits, as well as accessories.

Well I do not worry because as always I go to my favorite page Zaful and there I get everything I look for, as well as the latest trends and I know that it will be the best choice to go to my full vacation, I love the Tankini swimsuit like that.




And as many times our body can be with some scars, there are the tankini since with that type of swimsuit you can be sure that you cover what you have to cover and be calm, you will only worry about getting well the bronzer.

I love Love the trend of the more brown swimsuit

And lately I’ve seen polka dots for everywhere

what do you think of these models of zaful polka  dot bikini


Do not forget to enter zaful blog as there are many new features as well as a lot of inspiration from real girls,


As I say, just worry about seeing your destination.

Si te gusto, compartelo !

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