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For me the classic colors are quintessentially black, and to whom it does not seem the best color, in my adolescence I had my stage of migraine girl, or dark girl that only that color used, my wardrobe was black, black, short black, black faded, black and more black … but well I passed the stage and the colors came to my life.
I passed adolescence and discovered red wine, and therefore I became a fan of burgundy color, it makes me a very special color and for me a classic too.

When I look for a dress there are times (times) that I don’t wear black, I go to the burgundy

burgundy bridesmaid dress these dresses are divine in this beautiful color, there are many options to dress your bridesmaid.

Those dresses are from bm dresses they are beautiful, have many models and are of very good quality just what each of us looks for when buying a dress.

I leave you these beautiful models, the links for you to click and enter directly to the models so you can take a look and if you are in the process of looking for models for your bridesmaid you can already consider this option, and why not just look for some Formal event, or if you are one of those girls who buy ‘just in case’ these options are fabulous.

I leave them because as I mentioned at the beginning of this post my little one is by my side and claims for her dinner (ups)

I wait for you soon and thank you for visiting my site.


Si te gusto, compartelo !

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