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You might think our claim that clothes hugely impact the way a person feels is frivolous but it’s actually true. What people wear and how they wear it can affect one’s emotions and even have the power to build up one’s confidence as well.

The idea of attributing a boost in confidence to clothing is also backed by a number of scientific researches, which means you can trust us on this one. Simply thinking about one’s favourite piece of clothing can give you a pretty good feeling and a confidence boost. Moods are also related to our clothing choices, such that wearing bright coloured dresses can encourage a good mood. Dressing for success and choosing to dress comfortably really works wonders for one’s confidence. There are articles available online that can give you tips on how to fake self-confidence through the proper choice of clothes.

Of course, when you’re just enjoying a lazy day at home in your sweatpants, there’s no need to worry about being all dressed up to the nines. But, if you’re expecting some company or have to attend special occasions like formal event, then dressing up pretty and sexy is a must if you want to elevate your confidence as well as exude positive emotions.  

Sexy Formal event Dress Ideas

The key to looking great and feeling confident when attending important occasions is choosing the right items to wear. If you are looking for inspiration, there are 2019 sexy prom dresses that you can take a peek at.

Here are some sexy dress ideas that you can wear to formal events such as formal event and homecoming:

1. Form-Fitting Long Formal Dress

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Showing a lot of skin is not a requirement for someone to appear sexy. This means that you can wear a long formal dress and still exude a sexy appeal as long as the dress perfectly fits your body. A well-constructed, form-fitting ensemble will highlight the beautiful features of your silhouette and allow your curves to shine through like a snuggly-fit mermaid style with a flared bottom hemline. Knowing this, you no longer need to spend much on luxurious evening gowns because a simple long dress that impeccably fits your shape can have the same glamorous, sexy effect.

2. Thigh-High Slit

Opting for a form-fitting long formal dress can pose problems if you plan to dance the night away. The best way to address this issue is to choose a long dress with a thigh-high slit on one side. Not only will the slit solve the problem of movement but showing off your legs will also add a lot of sex appeal to the outfit.

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3. Open Back Gown

While you can always opt out of revealing dress styles, you also have the choice of wearing styles that show some skin. An open back helps you achieve a sexy and exciting formal event look. For example, you can wear a softly flowing dress with an unassuming appearance but when you turn around, the dramatic reveal of a deep open back will make you the talk of the town.

4. Interesting Necklines

The typical focal point of a dress is its neckline as it draws attention to the face. This is why opting for an interesting neckline would be a good call for those who want to radiate a sexy vibe. Plus, this is the part of the dress that will most likely appear in all your photos during the event.

Basically, when you wear clothes that make you feel sexy, an assortment of positive emotions are triggered, which in turn give your confidence a good boost. In the same way, wearing something that makes you feel unattractive will set off negative emotions and pull down one’s self-confidence.




Si te gusto, compartelo !

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