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I will tell you a little anecdote, long ago when I was a teenager I did not like my body especially my legs since I was very thin and my legs were like two wands.
I avoided wearing dresses or skirts at all costs since I did not feel comfortable, in my school it was a horror since my uniform was a jumper so I used to suffer every day and to make my legs look more stuffed I used double long socks however it was much suffering as my shoes tightened, in short it was a very difficult stage for me.
What I did was to enter the gym and train hard so that my legs would have more volume I achieved after several years of hard gym more food and today I want them to be thinner !!!

Ha ha ha one is never satisfied is the nature of the human being I think, the fact is that when my legs thickened then do not stop wearing skirts, shorts and dresses. Everything to show them off since my effort had taken me.
Up to the date when the summer season arrives I continue to wear dresses, skirts and shorts because I like them and in my city the heat reaches very high temperatures that wearing pants on those dates is impossible.

Then each time I look for new models of dresses and so continue to wear beautiful dresses to fashion.
Whether they are plain, short prints, maxi or midi dresses is mine. They make me more practical because I love skirts too but it is more complicated sometimes to combine the blouse, top with the skirt and the dress you put some shoes, sandals, sneakers and voila these list (in my case I am more minimal) .

Then with Zaful there is no loser came to his website searched the dress section and I’m practically ready for the summer.

Dresses for all tastes for all, if you have any formal event enter to beautiful semi formal dress


There is an infinite selection and you will surely find something.

Now that if you are looking for another style Plaid dress es here


And if you walk more color in your life and do not fear yellow more yellow  dress


What do you think about the zaful  fringe dresses  trend?



I am madly in love with each of them and it really is very difficult for me to decide which ones to buy. I think my savings will be gone very soon.

Now I would like to know what is your favorite trend, and if you are more than dresses or skirts as well as the theme of the skirts I think I’ll leave it for another occasion.



Si te gusto, compartelo !

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