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HAPPY YEAR … to those who are here giving their time reading my posts, I want to thank you sincerely since we are many people who are doing this work, some for hobby and some more for other reasons.

I start with pure positive energies and good vibes, there are times that it is difficult to think positive especially for the news that is seen daily, but I live the life based on the here and now this is how I manage to focus and continue being present in my present (worth the overflow)

Anyway, moving on to different topics I am very happy because as they say new year, look new (I think so says the saying) … the thing is that I stumbled upon this sensational web of shoes, and they are really amazing. I eat many women, I am a fan of shoes, and I fell in love with these incredible models.



I must admit that my euphoria for the animal print, especially the leopard print shoes 

since I feel it is a very classic print, I saw that there is a collection of this print and I loved the models they have.




Definitely there for all tastes, personally I love high heels, but because of my pace of life it is impossible for me to wear them and I am delighted that there are flats, as well as the kitten heel.

that when using them in stiletto shoes they make the silhouette just as elegant as if you were wearing high heels.

I leave the link of the page as well as the links of the models so that you go directly to their website and see what they have for you.
Thank you for reading and staying here on this site.








Si te gusto, compartelo !

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