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Here I am breaking my head thinking of the best decoration for my son’s room. Well it turns out that it is already at the age that you want to choose your clothes, your shoes and let me tell you that you have small brown boots that will not stop wearing them, I have to hide them so I can wear other shoes and is not for being Bad mother but because the problem is that where we live is a hellish heat and imagine walking boots in the middle of summer also add that he is a child and runs all the time at the end of the day ends with his feet tired and hot.
Well I have deviated from the main theme that is the decoration of your room as it is no longer a baby I think it is time to make radical changes in your room especially in the area of ​​windows, the lighting is basic in decoration because This helps saving, and my task is now along with my little one choose the best curtains, and as a fashionista and blogger I always try to be in trend in my clothes and in my home is to say the most trendy decoration and go beyond what common. Then I gave myself the task of looking at the decoration boards and giving me inspiration and I noticed the trend in curtains, I found a magnificent site that has a great variety of curtains for your home. is the right place to make that change and make your rooms a more welcoming place always having the detail focused on keeping up to date. My little boy is a very restless child and is always changing toys but that if he focuses on what he really likes and I sat with the front to my computer and we got together to choose in the area of childrens’ curtains and I think we agreed to make the best choice and have your room comfortable and cheerful for him.


That if we struggle a little to agree for the beautiful designs and the great variety !!

Be sure to visit this online store and make your home prettier.

Si te gusto, compartelo !

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