Si te gusto, compartelo !

Here at home, and I am very happy because outside at the moment it is doing an incredible climate, it rains and everything smells fresh, that smell of wet earth, without a doubt for me it is one of the best smells.
I also thank the universe for this rain because right now in my city it is incredibly hot, so surely tomorrow will be delicious the day. So I’m on my comfortable sofa with my son next to me playing with his toy laptop (imitating his mom) that fills me with happiness.

Today I want to talk about a beautiful online store called Loverbeauty, Here you can find incredible intimate garments and with very fair prices.

I love her clothes because it is like bringing a second skin, since they adapt to your shapes.

shapewear for women It is spectacular because you can choose the way you need to help your body feel better and make the clothes look much better.

I love this design because it makes unwanted chubby people hide and your silhouette looks amazing.

With this shaper panty you can wear all those cute, fitted dresses without worrying about that little belly. Usually almost all celebrities wear one, little by little you think J.Lo looks so good, (well yes) Lol but she does.


Ok, all yes, all celebrities use and why don’t we? A little help is not bad, many times we do diet, and other times we are doing some sport to mold our body but how many times do you do everything right, and just the day you want to put that fitted dress you have a small intestinal problem and we have a little belly.

With these garments there is no problem.
I have a couple of them and I use them regularly, well that’s all with reference to this page, I hope you liked it and especially served.

Si te gusto, compartelo !

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