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I am very happy, starting week and very excited to resume my course with my loving blog, I definitely love to write and be here for you, I like to give my reviews on the websites with which I find on the network. I like to see on the web and as I had already mentioned in previous posts it makes me very happy to find these places where we can do online shopping from the comfort of your home, or because not when the boss is neglected (hello Godinez).

Today in those moments of clearing the mind and being on the web between one of my favorite sites, I mean newchic, and seeing the novelties that I had with a very cool line called Xiaomi, are items that go from backpacks even smart watches. It is really very incredible and as I have already bought several articles on this website I can say with confidence that they will be of excellent quality.


    I loved these suitcases, the truth is I don’t travel much and not because I don’t like it, but the daily occupations and things like that do not allow me, but there is no way to have your bags ready for when the opportunity to do that scheduled trip, or one of those that are not planned and everything goes excellent, xiaomi mi band.

Xiaomi Shoes are amazing sneakers, there are to wear your skirts, pants etc with these incredible shoes. I already became a fan of wearing sneakers in my day to day and they look amazing, it is definitely the best of today’s fashion. And it’s always like my mantra going to the shoes section and I almost don’t do it with a glass of wine to enjoy it more.

I love the minimalist style of these sneakers.


mijia xiaomi shoes are not very beautiful, I want them for when I go to sports, I want them to wear them with suits outfit, (hello Godinez again). I definitely love them and seeing the price I think they will go to my shopping cart.

In bright colors they are like us xiaomi backpack. show as.
Lately I left my comfort zone about the colors in my life, if you see my blog the latest looks, they were neutral tones but I definitely added colors to my life and I felt more vibrant with myself and with life.
I hope you liked this little review, since I’m glad you come to my site and enjoy a post with products that you like and help you make your life easier.
And take my advice, when you are tense by the occupations of the day, take a break and when you feel more comfortable with yourself, take your cell phone or your laptop and enter the Newchic website to enjoy a bit of virtual shopping.
It’s super simple and reaches the door of your home.
I leave a sample of some accessories that I liked for being small and minimalist as I like jewelry, but there are many models for all tastes.
Well that’s it and I thank you very much for your comments and visits on my blog.



Si te gusto, compartelo !

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