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While the popularity of buying antique and vintage watches has shot up, so has the level of risk, meaning you need to proceed carefully so you don’t buy a fake. Follow these tips so you can the best value for your money, and then you can add another stunning timepiece to your collection.

• Buy your antique watch from an authorized antique dealer that has a solid reputation. Before you visit the store, check out that the phone number is legit, as well as the store’s references. Beyond that, pick a dealer that possesses knowledge about watch brands, answers pertinent questions, and allows you to examine the watch.

• Peruse your choices of antique watches. Do you prefer an antique men’s luxury wrist watch or do you prefer a classic gold pocket watch? Now is the time to consider your lifestyle, your favourite brands, and which features you really want, including preferred metals. Kalmar Antiques sell antique pocket watches, as well as a variety of other watches.

• Learn the current trends. The market has turned towards more glitzy and aggressive watches, though newer buyers are collecting antique and vintage Rolexes, especially watches whose dials that have weathered to a “tropical” patina due to age. In addition, Patek Philippe watches are still a prime option, while Omegas are a more affordable option for those just starting.

• Do your research so you learn the inner makings of the watches you’re interested in and won’t be scammed. Research the manufacturer and model and read a few product descriptions so you learn the correct terminology. This will help you identify features as you begin your hunt for your antique watch. You want a watch that’s 100 % original, so you need to have a keen eye to spot any after-market customization like gemstones or diamonds on the dial. While it may look pretty, you need to be aware of what the original looked like.

• Learn how to spot a fake antique watch, especially a Rolex, which is the watch consumers get scammed with the most. While some fakes are hard to tell from legit watches, check for the serial number. If it only has tiny tots, that’s a dead giveaway it’s a fake. Check for any other abnormalities, such writing on the dial, shorter hands, or watches that tick only once per a second, since legitimate ones tick 4 to 6 times every second. Watch that you’re not buying a “Franken” watch, a watch that’s redone with non-original parts.

• Ask the seller important questions, the most important if the watch comes with its original papers and operational manual. These lend credibility to the watch’s authenticity. After that, check on the actual operation of the watch, such as how accurate the watch is at keeping time, and how long does the watch run if it’s fully wound.

Whether you’re buying antique watches to resell them or just for yourself because you’re sentimental and love the way they look, you can find some amazing pieces at certified antique and watch dealers. Just remember to check the pieces carefully so you’re ensured to get a great deal.

Si te gusto, compartelo !

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