Si te gusto, compartelo !

In these times where humanity is sheltered and giving time to heal, we must be aware of healing with ourselves, look within and discover ourselves. I am sure and I think that this should leave us some positive lesson, some impact to get ahead as better human beings

I have enjoyed my time at home, it has been a little difficult for my 5 year old son to explain why we cannot go out, we miss going to the park to ride his bicycle, taking him for ice cream, doing the things we used to do, it has been difficult But this will happen and soon we can be doing the most common things, I say it not only for me, but for all those who read me, we value every little detail, every day, every minute, of being with those you love and with yourself.

And now this has happened I have had more time than ever to be in networks, also give me my time to do what I like and as I have always commented in my previous posts of seeing new online stores. This time I came across a very good website

Yeebia fashion

They have a large number of accessories, footwear, clothing that you can even customize, suitcase bags, etc.

The most incredible thing is that they also sell second-hand footwear, it is fantastic because that way you can buy at a low cost and be kinder to the planet, contribute your grain of sand and make sustainable fashion.


I leave your links so you can see what I say.

Also on their website they have their Yeebia blogs section where there are great posts giving very good tips about cars, fashion technology, super creative and very useful.

I loved this website this is all in Nigeria! I loved it since I had no idea of ​​their lifestyle or the fashion they use in that place so far away for me.

In this blog you can get an idea and more than anything in these times that one can only do the ecomerce is something super practical and useful. You go in you look at everything there is, and click you make your purchase, I have always commented that I am a fan of this type of business since it is sometimes difficult for me to leave the house for my son and thus I get what I need or always what I want, Coming out of this situation I have a vacation to the beach and I have realized that I required suitcases, and guess what I found, this is a set of super practical suitcases as my vacations are planned for the middle of the year I have enough time to make my purchase and arrive even before that time.


Well I really hope you are well, stay safe at home and follow the care that we all know, go the minimum and invest time in yourselves, it is the best time spent.

Si te gusto, compartelo !

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