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As most people who choose to walk down the aisle with their long-term partner will only make this decision once in their lifetime, there is no surprise that couples soon to be wed will look for the more unique engagement and wedding rings. But although hubby-to-be charged with choosing bands for one of these special occasions may know a thing or two about football or cricket, they will not always be knowledgeable about fancy colour diamonds. Of course, as we all live in an age where we can source almost anything we want on the internet, it will not be too difficult to learn heaps about the varieties of these gemstones.

Websites like the GIA are a fantastic source of information for people after options in precious stones for jewellery that will definitely get the wearer noticed. There are in fact quite a few things to take into account when trying to decide on the different types of yellow diamond, notably the range of the colour yellow that these rocks are classed as.

Purchasers of this popular coloured rock who would like to know a few interesting facts about the gem may want to consider the following:

  • They can be found throughout the world
  • Pure yellow diamonds are referred to as canary yellow diamonds
  • The GIA colour description classes them as fancy yellow
  • Yellow diamonds often have high quality grading
  • The gems have remained relatively affordable

Colour Counts

The reason why coloured diamonds look the way they do is because of the impurities they gained whilst being formed naturally. However, even though some of the combined colours of these beautiful looking rocks are appealing to gemstone lovers around the globe, the fancy yellow or canary yellow diamonds tend to be amongst the most searched for options. Some of the variations of yellow diamonds that can be used as part of the design of beautiful Sydney wedding rings include deep brownish yellow, deep brownish orangey yellow, and green yellow.

Of course, clients with a specific idea in mind regarding the colour of the yellow diamond jewellery they would like to buy will be able to discuss their requirements with a member of staff. What many purchasers of this kind of coloured rock will do before making up their mind on the combination colour to buy is ask for advice from people they bring with them on their shopping trip. Additionally, lots of couples looking forward to their wedding will consider what they will be wearing on their big day when deciding on the exact shade of yellow to get for their diamond wedding rings.

Special Occasions

If we take into consideration that only 1 carat out of around 10,000 carats mined is a natural fancy colour diamond, there is no wonder that these types of diamonds are becoming more and more popular amongst couples getting engaged or tying the knot. By taking the time to scour the internet for the many different designs in jewellery used for special occasions, lovers who cannot wait to exchange vows will be able to get more of an idea of what to buy.

Indeed, due to the variety of combined colours in yellow diamonds, couples that may not be able to agree on everything have more of a chance of agreeing on the option in these popular colour diamonds. The variety of shapes that can be found in canary diamonds or less pure yellow rocks including oval, round, princess cut, and cushion cut should also help with this kind of important decision-making process.

Si te gusto, compartelo !

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